Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Just Another Day in Paradigm

Okay, I have to admit that as a first-time blogger (essentially) I do feel rather foolish sitting here, knowing I have a potential audience of thousands out there all ready to hang assiduously on my every word. Yes, I know I've written for audiences of thousands before (especially all those television scripts), but somehow this is different. How DOES one compose oneself when faced with that very first empty blogspace? What's the form? What's the format? What's the ... paradigm? Would Syd Field know? Would he care? Would his guru?

Enough of that. Clearly something has spiked my blood sugar levels. This is
meant only as an introduction to my brand new blog - after spending hours setting up the settings, tampering with templates and pre-designing my profile, I'm too exhausted to think straight. Who knew?

Besides, today I have also met with a potential author for lunch, strewing her with advice and hopefully not muddying the waters whilst stirring them up, and that's always exhausting in itself. I have dealt with cover design for another author, creation (in part) of a contract, sorting through photos, registering writing competition entries,
doing home-made chicken soup for freezing in several portions (all low carb, every one of them, I swear), and wolf-whistling at my man as he stood on a step ladder with a highly dangerous looking power tool, trimming high hedges (I feel that's enough encouragement from the little wife for one day).

I know that tomorrow morning I must make a batch of coconut icecream and fresh brownies to take to an author friend whose husband has recently been diagnosed with Parkinsons, to lunch with them and lend an ear. Tomorrow little work will be done in a business sense, but much will be achieved anyway, I hope. There is more to life than money, and enjoying these gentle people's company is one of those mores.

So here I am, sitting high in my 17th Century cottage deep in rural Norfolk, listening to nature wind down outside and my man prepping dinner inside (his turn), and considering how blessed one can be in the midst of turmoil. I have experienced such evenings staring out over Lake Malawi with hippo splashing offshore; preparing food over a campfire in the twilight bush in lion country; peeling freshly caught prawns on the deck of our sailing yacht in Kenya as the sun sank in the bay; waiting for the puff of dolphins in the middle of an otherwise empty moonlit sea ... and so many other situations I can't begin to list here.

Is there a "paradise" anywhere on earth? - Yes. Everywhere. You just have to learn see it that way.

Goodnight, children. Go read my book, Dance of Eagles. You'll love it. ;-)

Sleepily yours,