Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Survival of the Pigheaddedest, and: Moving Day Approaches!

As many of you will have seen from our web sites, we are moving premises (and home!) at the end of February. Although this was a rather sudden decision, we felt we could manage in the 28 days from date of decision. Of course, we hadn't counted on the sky falling on our heads (i.e. Life As She Is!) ... my father deciding this was a good month in which to approach death's door, and thus various family members arriving from around the world and expecting all arrangements to be taken care of by the Resident Daughter in the UK ... me. Not that I mind; I just wish it had all happened NEXT month, when we'd have been safely ensconced in our new home, with lots of extra beds to offer, and the move (and all encumbent arrangements for) all behind us.

All this comes right after our discovery in November that the funds we had planned on to carry out all our lovely publishing contrivances for the rest of this year would not in fact be realised, due to the bank crashes. So the last few months have been very trying as we have been making hard decisions - do we close down and give up? Or do we fight, and find new ways to survive and continue, even if they aren't what we would prefer to be doing?

We chose to survive, and although we're working out details still, we now have a way forward. We apologise heartily to all those who have had manuscripts with us for such a long time; during the last few months we have done NO manuscript readings at all. However, once the move is over, we'll be getting back into a rhythm and will be contacting everyone we haven't yet communicated with. Please be a little more patient? :-)

Competition entries, likewise, have been received but not officially acknowledged yet. I am trying to get to it, I promise!

My father is still in hospital, in Yorkshire - about 4-5 hours' drive from here. I am traipsing up and down, between moving arrangements, and trying to keep up with urgent work. Things are very much in the air right now, including my stress level ... blood pressure, blood sugar, etc, ha ha!

And so I must stop blogging, and move on. Bear with me, please; you are much appreciated!