Thursday, 23 April 2009

#BlogNor09: Blogging Norfolk!

Just discovered this site today, sadly quite late before I was able to join and take advantage of the special 23rd April day! Living on Womack Staithe, on the Broads, and having lived in rural countryside previously (also in Norfolk of course), I have a great love for this area. Starting our publishing company here has been a great joy, and we'll soon be releasing the first novel of our first Norfolk novelist, Christine Moore - who also lives on the Broads.

Christine's book, "Going Astray", is a thriller that starts out nice 'n slow and moves on into high suspense and drama. A Christian family finds itself carried along as their church is taken over and then becomes a cult - can they all escape in time, alive?

We're also working with another Norfolk writer on his book about owning a riverboat hire company in the Broads. What can I say? We love Norfolk!

And just to make you completely envious, here's a shot taken from our balcony just the other week. And no, you can't invite yourself over. Well, not unless you bring coffee cake! :-)

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