Wednesday, 29 April 2009

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As I slowly work my way through the pile of manuscripts on my reading list, it strikes me over and over how astonishing it is that so many would-be writers haven't taken the time to learn the basic courtesies concerning submitting their work.

Why would any writer want to gain mental black marks before the publisher even begins reading? Wouldn't you think they'd rather make a good first impression? Fascinating! When there are so many books out there to teach new writers their trade, so much information on the internet for those who can't afford the books - anyone with half a noggin can find out what they need to know. Come on guys, make the effort! I love reading your stuff, but to be honest, I'd love it a whole lot more if it was neatly and properly presented in a way that makes it easiest for me to read and enjoy.

I've just written about this on the Sunberry Tips for Authors and Writers Blog, giving the basic rules for submitting a book manuscript, and will over the next weeks continue to give info from a publisher's perspective on that blog, so if you're interested can I suggest you click to "Follow", so you receive notification whenever I put something up? (You might want to do that for this blog, too.)

Vent over. Back to the reading pile ... which I do truly love, believe it or not! LOL!

Write on!

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