Sunday, 31 May 2009

No time to blog - judging at full speed!

Hello! Sorry everyone, madly busy with final judging on our writing competitions. They were due to be released end of May, and we now have the short lists, but I anticipate another 2 weeks (to mid-June) before final results are out. Meanwhile, no time to blog ... catch up with us later; don't shoot the messenger! :-)

Meanwhile, I'm conducting an interest poll - w'ere introducing full colour gift books that combine beautiful images (themed) with Sudoku. Our first offering is "Sudoku for Bird Lovers", followed by "Sudoku for Sailors", and we have plans for many others, but we need to know how popular these might be. Let us know if you think this is a good idea, and what themes you might like to see - horses? Ballet? Ice skating? Cats? Dogs? etc ...

Check out our online store and let us know what you think - more methods of payment? (I'm adding the ability to purchase with credit cards without having to be a member of anything, via Nochex and Kagi.) Prices right? Other thoughts?

Back to competition judging ... check back soon!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Birthday Blessings!

Today I have reached the wise old age of 51 (I must be postitively a sage!), and sitting here with my morning coffee I can look out over my balcony and see a gorgeous sunny morning that has spread itself like a blanket of light over the park and water below, and sprinkled itself among the trees that surround Womack Staithe. Pic below taken this morning!

The breeze is lifting the Rhodesian Flag I proudly fly from my patio, and carrying birdsong and boat noises to my willing ears. (Yes, I know this is backwards; it's taken from behind the flag, because if I were in front of it I'd be on the roof of the fishing tackle shop! lol!)

For some reason unknown to me, last night I slept 8 hours straight (anyone who knows me well, knows that achieving 4 good hours in a row is about the best it usually gets) - Blessing Number One: I am rested!

Knowing that hubby is working in London and therefore is not with me today, my daughter has slathered presents and flowers and messages all over me in the hopes I'll get a birthday tan of happiness (it worked!). I've had birthday messages from school buddies of loooooong ago, back in Rhodesia ... and my best friend Lucy is driving across from Bunwell to meet me for lunch, which will be taken at the Swan in Horning. (Hello, Christine!) ... and I haven't even had time yet for either breakfast, or for checking out all the e-cards I've been sent. Even CP gave me a birthday voucher of $5 (ooooh!). I'd rather have one from DAZ3D of course, but I don't think they give birthday vouchers! Har!

Create 3D Art for Free

I have not had time to think about work yet today, and in fact am under instruction from my daughter Luana NOT to think about work. So I am avoiding thinking about work - at least until after lunch. ;-)

I do intend to put another writers' tip up on the Sunberry Books blog today, but if it's not there till tomorrow - forgive an aging birthday girl. Lunch will have been one bridge too far ... especially since I'm planning on having the twice-roast duck on a bed of sweet potato ...

... and NO SALAD AT ALL! har!