Monday, 27 July 2009

About to achieve GREAT AUNT status!

Oh my goodness! It's all happening so fast, where did the last 8 months go? In two days' time my gorgeous niece and extreme-to-die-for-handsome nephew-in-law (??) will give birth to my first great-nephew. And on the same day this has come to my attention, we had just decided to launch our children's imprint in time for Christmas next year. Is that not fitting, that both should happen on the same day? Coincidence? I think not. ;-)

I don't yet know if a name has been chosen for the little newcomer (well, not so little, I understand - he is occasioning a C-section due to his size!), but I can't wait to welcome him! It seems so wrong that I'm so far away, across two continents (he is being born in South Africa, while I'm in England), but such is life when you belong to a gypsy-footed family. We're spread all over the world, which makes for interesting conversation but somewhat empty arms when it comes to hugging.

Never mind: I shall now not be able to concentrate on work, I'm sure ... must put this aside and get on with life, for two days at least. Am I allowed a most unprofessional, un-publisher-like, "Whoo-hooooo!"? I think so. ;-)