Monday, 28 September 2009

Apology to our authors, customers and site visitors!

Over the last 10 days our domain received the equivalent of a "denial of service" attack when tens of thousands of email spams were sent out by a hacker who broke in to our server. We apologise to anyone who received these spams; they did not come from us! As a result our server was blacklisted by major servers around the world and our technical people spent a lot of time sorting it out, as we ourselves did with the mop-up afterwards. Now fixed, we hope!

We had to shut down two of our email addresses for a while. If you sent us an email between the 18th and 28th of September and have not received a reply, please send again.

You may have noticed you could not reach our site on and off during that time, or that you ended up facing the Sunberry Books division instead of our main site, which is our default page. Sorry about that too!

And no, it wasn't a personal attack - they simply use software to range the internet looking for passwords it can break, and then they're in. We do NOT understand what kind of people DO this! They steal our resources, blacken our listings and our name, and apparently do not care. Our security has been hugely tightened now, and hopefully their software won't find a way in again. Personally, we'd like to see these people hunted down and jailed for life, but ....!

1 comment:

Petra (Christina) said...

Amen to that Jo! It feels like a burglary, a physical abuse! The Jews have a special saying for these kind of people: "May they spend all their money on medicines!"