Monday, 21 June 2010

Creeping back up to working status ...

Good grief, who knew moving onto a narrow boat would involve this much doing and arranging?? Oy vey! I know I said we'd be up and running again a couple of weeks back, but in reality I'm only managing to creep a bit of work in here and there so far. BUT: we have finally secured a mooring from 1st July, at Packet Boat Marina at Cowley Peachy - we signed this morning for it, so I can safely report that our lives are progressing towards normality (well, for us, anyway!). I have run out of apologies; "it is what it is". But as my dear friend Lucy said the other day: in spite of all the hectic work to get settled, "you sound happy". Yes, thinking about it, I am happy. Madly stressed, but loving living on a boat again. I promise, the moment I have time, I'll do a photo album! ... Meanwhile, I have half a day to snatch for actual real work. Here I go ...!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Such a long time since my last post, yet it's flashed by in a whirl of events, busy-ness, craziness, things going wrong and things going right ... and here we are at the end of May, having bought a narrowboat and in the flurry of moving on board. I am exhausted already, and we have only just begun!

Please everyone note that Sunpenny and its imprints are all closed until 7th June, by which time we should be settled in and ready to roll once more. I have been trying to do bits of work in between packing etc, but it's just not happening as I would like.

Most stressful, of course, are the goodbyes! We're VERY very sad to be leaving our lovely apartment above DRL Marine boatyard/boat hire, at Womack Staithe, and especially to be leaving the wonderful people of our church (North Broads) and bible studies, of DRL Marine, and the Norfolk Broads in general. Exchanging all this for a canal near Slough just doesn't seem a great move, right now! LOL! But Andrew will be close to his work, and it brings an end to 18 months of him travelling home every weekend. And this was clearly demonstrated to be a good thing when, two weekends ago, he wrote off his car while travelling home Friday night. Praise the Lord, both he and the other driver were absolutely fine! And a car is just a hunk of metal, after all. But it brought home to us that the move will be a good thing.

Additionally, it brings Sunpenny Publishing into London, effectively, which is also good! More author meetings made possible, more easily, quite apart from anything else. So business wise this should be an excellent move.

Think positive! ... and now, back to packing and sorting and arranging, for me. Yay. Not. ;-)

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


"Death, taxes and childbirth! There's never any convenient time for any of them." (Margaret Mitchell, in Gone With The Wind) Sadly, for us the last three months have been swallowed up by first my father's descent into his death, then the aftermath doings that go along with death, and now a mad rush to get our taxes done before the January 31st deadline for online returns. And, waiting in the wings, the huge amount of catch-up work to do! Makes me feel like Scarlett : "I'll think about that ... tomorrow!"

Unfortunately all this has meant missing deadlines for our Sunpenny book releases, and pushing back the launches for our two new imprints, Rose & Crown, and Boathooks Books. Manuscript submissions have gone unread, letters and emails unanswered, web sites fallen by the wayside, blogs subsiding into silence. And when we did take a two week holiday to try and recover, we both  promptly fell ill and spent our time in Cyprus - beautiful Cyprus! - trying to feel energetic enough to explore, and then collapsing the next day from overdoing things in our weakened states.

Consequently we have not begun 2010 as we had hoped: refreshed, energised and enthusiastic! Rather, we are still under the weather, under the circumstances, and under strain. We covet your prayers so that we can recover rapidly and work through our backlog and overload quickly and efficiently, and somehow by the middle of the year be caught up to where we had planned to be by then!

As Christians we are to be filled with the joy of the Lord, but that isn't a feeling, it's a state of being. Jesus went through his own ups and downs and totally understands our struggles on an emotional level when things get rough. All He wants is for us to know that He is our Immanuel - the mighty power within us (yes, say that again, Mighty Power Within Us, Strength With Us!). So while we grieve for my father's loss, we rejoice that his suffering is over. While we struggle with our workload and to get back onto an even keel, we give thanks that we have work to do! While our bodies come under attack from illness, we are so grateful for healing and health. And while we strive against the oppression of low spirits, we are gladdened that we have good fellowship, and praise music to lift our souls to God!

(Oh, and while we're thinking about all this, Lord, a quick note: Can we talk about this menopause stuff please? A little private chat perhaps? These little tropical vacations and hormonal roller coasters? -- Not one of your best plans, Lord. Just so you know.)

Keep praising and praying on our behalf: we have God's work to do before we quit! And meanwhile: Up and At 'em! Hundelay, hundelay!