Sunday, 15 May 2011

Radio interview, and moving again!

Quick update between packing and prepping to move tomorrow (yes, again! lol!) ... off the narrowboat and into a real life bricks and mortar apartment - well, a "modern coach house" as it's billed! Either way, it expands Sunpenny's space enough to accommodate the partnership expansion we are gearing up for and the increased staff, so it's all good. The new address is on the Contact page of our web site, should you need it -

And right after moving, I'm doing the Inspirational Breakfast show again (last appeared early February 2011). This time it's on Wednesday 18th May, in the 07:50 to 09:00 slot, and will be talking about Sunpenny's latest news and imprints, as well as whatever else the two interviewers bring up - including, I believe, my testimony. For details and to listen in, it's all here: ... if you get time to listen in, please do. Phone in, even! I need all the support I can get. :-)

So, should you happen to be either a marketing/sales person with experience in the publishing industry, or a budding young enthusiast wanting to get into publishing on the first rung (assistant to me, with a view to being trained into editing and/or other aspects) feel free to get in contact. Quickly, lol!

We are also looking for manuscripts for next year's lists, so get writing - check our guidelines before emailing your query though, please?

All for now. Hopefully soon this blog will be kept up to date better. See you in print!

-- Jo