Thursday, 18 August 2011

Sunpenny Writing Competitions

The 2011-2012 Sunpenny writing competitions are now open! The successful Sunpeny writing competitions are now accepting entries for the 2011-2012 competitions in 4 different categories:

Rose and Crown- New Novels Competition

Young Writer's Short Story Competition

Open Short Story Competition

Christian Short Story Competition

There's a category to suit all budding writers whatever genre or style you like to write in (as long as it's clean) or whatever age you are. Open internationally, you can enter wherever you live in the world as long as your story is written in English.

We believe firmly in competitions as a way to encourage writers (a) to put pen to paper, and (b) to believe in themselves. Practice of your profession is essential, and this is one way to get people writing with purpose. Many people also love the challenge, and it drives them to produce material they might not otherwise have explored, developing them  in unexpected ways!

To find out more about each of the categories, please visit the competitions page on our website for more information on submission guidelines, rules, prizes, entry fees and deadlines.

So if you love to write or know others who do, please spread the word and.... get writing! Put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard- we look forward to reading the entries we receive!