Thursday, 13 October 2011

Introducing our new Editorial and Marketing Co-ordinator

Over the past weeks, the Sunpenny staff has changed slightly and whilst Vinita Byrne has left our personnel, I am pleased to introduce our new Editorial and Marketing Co-ordinator Cora King.

About Cora:

I began my career in retail when I was fifteen years old, working for a British shoe corporation company at weekends and during the summer holidays.
I then moved into fashion, working for a retail giant of the fashion world, where I moved through the ranks. My career path then lead me into telecoms and finance, working in various roles.  
My role with Sunpenny is Editorial and Marketing Co-ordinator.

She also answered some fun get-to know you quick fire questions.
  1.  Paperback of hardback books? - Paperback
  2. Cheese or ham?- Cheese
  3. TV or films?-Films
  4. Blue or black pen?- Black
  5. Swimming or running?- Swimming
Look out for a post later this week about other latest news!

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