Monday, 21 November 2011

If Horses Were Wishes by Elizabeth Sellers is released today!

Our first Sunberry book, If Horses Were Wishes by Elizabeth Sellers is released today (21st November) with a launch taking place in Gloucester today! About If Horses Were Wishes:

Daydreaming Katy Robinson, an unhappy young foster child, daydreams constantly – of a proper home with her parents, of having good friends, and of being as popular at school as Sandra Magill. Sandra has an enviable lifestyle in the countryside, with her parents and her horse Tommy, and is always surrounded by friends. 
But when Katy dreams of doing something admirable to impress Sandra, the results aren’t quite what she had in mind! Her initial shock at waking up to her new status as a horse gradually grows into acceptance. Being cared for by Sandra’s posse, and becoming friends with Tommy, all help. But Katy-the-girl is officially missing and being looked for by the police – and when Sandra and her friends decide to undertake to find their schoolmate, Katy finds she is able to lead them in the right direction.
Through various adventures, including putting the school bullies to flight, unexpected friendships and discoveries develop, and the question is – will Katy decide she prefers being a horse, or would she try to find a way to become a girl once more?

For all  young adults and children who have a passion for horses, it's characters are unique and engaging and the descriptions are vivid, especially when it comes to horses!

What readers have been saying:

"If Horses Were Wishes" is delightfully imaginative, entertaining to follow, 
and the life-lessons presented therein - about friendship, self-worth,  and how to 
recognize what’s truly meaningful - are readily absorbed. This novel is sure to 
become a favourite on the shelves of young people who love horses.

Karen Molson, author & biographer

Captivating, Stimulating and Educational. Sellers writes from her heart and her 
experience. She describes in detail the very soul of the young teenager, as well 
as the spirit of the horse.

Sheila Pennington Ph.D., psychologist and author 
   of “Healing Yourself: Understanding How Your Mind 
   Can Heal Your Body” and “The Dragon Within: A Tale of 
   Self Discovery and Healing.

About Elizabeth Sellers:

Elizabeth Sellers has loved horses all her life. Born in London,England, she moved with her family to the country at the age of four.There, to her delight, her older brothers would borrow ponies and propher up on them. After emigrating to Canada when she was six,subsequent homes were within the city of Ottawa. For each of her birthdays thereafter she wished for a horse, but never lived where she could keep one. She took riding lessons in Gatineau, Quebec, where herlove of horses grew into a passion. After graduating from high school she chose to learn to teach riding, which she did while living in various parts of England and Scotland. Elizabeth, now a parent of two teenagers, has written many stories about horses for children.

Knoydart Book Launch

Earlier this week, the book's first launch was held in Knoydart, Iverness with a talk from Elizabeth and a book signing. Here are some photos from the event:

The youngest reader!

If Horses Were Wishes will be available from all good online stores such as Amazon by the end of November; meanwhile you can order directly by emailing to request your copy. Price is £7.99 plus a post and packaging cost of £1.50.

(The Book Depository offers free postage on all orders worldwide, so we’d suggest waiting until it is available on their website.)

If you're interested in finding out more, look out for an author interview for an insight into the book and more photos from the launches coming soon. In the meantime, you can check out Elizabeth Seller's website and Facebook page for the latest updates and information!

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