Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas from Sunpenny!

Merry Christmas from everyone at Sunpenny!
We wish you a joy filled Christmas and New Year.

A Christmas Message from our MD:

Hi everyone! All done and ready for Christmas? No, didn't think so. I'm only just starting - and working all the while. My poor family are very long-suffering!

A quick note for those of you who don't use Kindle: as of 24 December our books will be available on iPad, iPhone and other Apple devices, and will start to become available on most other formats too including Kobo, Nook, Android and others! Just when, depends on how fast their own systems register our books, but ... very soon. Which makes us very happy. Happy enough that we're going to do a massive price drop on Christmas and Boxing Days on our Kindle ebooks!

Meanwhile, if you've bought a Kindle as a gift for someone, why not PRE-LOAD a book onto it for them? From children's books to romance and boating and thrillers and adventure and Christian books, there's sure to be something here to delight everyone's palate. Click on the cover images below for details, and have a fantastic holiday season, everyone!

Very best wishes,

Jo Holloway
MD & Commissioning Editor

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas Reading: Sort your Christmas Presents for under £10!

It's been such a busy year for us at Sunpenny HQ and we can't believe that it's already December.  
That means only one thing:

Christmas is coming! 

The Christmas holidays usually give people a bit more time to read, and I particularly like to spend the time re-reading classics as well as some of my favourite books. There is always something very comforting and festive about them…  

'Anne of Green Gables'
by L.M Montgomery
'Little Women' by Louisa May Alcott

Do you change your reading pattern at Christmas or with the seasons too?

Christmas often comes with the anticipation of new books to enjoy and of course, buying them for others too. If you’re one of those people who are super-organised and finished your Christmas shopping weeks ago – well done, you! 

However, to make the last minute decision of what to buy everyone easier, we've put together a list of Sunpenny books to help. Why not take the opportunity to get all your Christmas presents sorted today? After all, it's only twenty days away now. There really is something for everyone, from children to grandparents – and they are all under £10 each:

by Sara DuBose

The latest in our inspirational Christian romance imprint, this would make a great gift. Sara DuBose tackles the issue of domestic violence in an inspirational way. Beth Davidson deals with a stalker in her own particular style, and uses her experiences and her faith to help her through her gruelling Police Academy training and to forge a successful relationship with the protective Donnie Crawford. A tense but uplifting read.
Purchase from Amazon here
Purchase from The Book Depository here
Purchase from here
by Stephanie Parker McKean

This warm and witty book is the first in the Miz Mike series – and we can’t wait to publish the next one! Miz Mike is a best-selling author and general busy-body, whose adventures in this first book include dog fights, kidnapping, jealousy and murder … throw in a heart-throb cowboy, and you have one great read!
Purchase from Amazon here
Purchase from The Book Depository here
Purchase from here
by Althea Barr

A gritty and suspenseful novel which tackles difficult subjects with tacit insight and understanding. This is a moving story that will appeal to all ages – why not get it for one of the ladies in your life? Emily, a young teacher, helps the family of one of her pupils to break the cycle of abuse, whilst dealing with some tough choices in her own life. Plenty of interest to keep them turning the pages – and of course, a love story too.
Purchase from Amazon here
Purchase from The Book Depository here
Purchase from
by Corinna Weyreter

An ideal present for anyone who loves boats – or even your environmentally aware friends!
Corinna’s book is based on her sailing adventures around the South Pacific and contains some wonderful descriptions of this barely-explored part of the world. The book also brings to light how the ecology of the seas has been affected by man's activities. An absorbing and thought-provoking read.
Purchase from Amazon here
Purchase from The Book Depository here
Purchase from
by Valerie Poore

Valerie’s warm and witty memoir of life in the Oude Haven, Rotterdam perfectly brings to life her adventures and experiences whilst restoring a historic barge. Her touchingly sincere story is one of discovery, friendship, endurance and love – and most importantly, never
allowing the landlubbers to get you down!
Purchase from Amazon here
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Purchase from
(Mum and Dad will find them a good read too!)
by Elizabeth Sellers

Lucky Sandra Magill has her own pony – and unhappy foster child Katy dreams of impressing her. When a stray horse arrives in Sandra’s paddock, and Katy disappears – Sandra sets out to solve the mystery. Could the two events be linked?
Purchase from Amazon here
Purchase from The Book Depository here
Purchase from
by Elizabeth Sellers

The sequel to If Horses Were Wishes – in which Katy’s exciting story continues. I don’t want to ruin the first book by explaining the story of the second … but I will say if you have any horse
lovers in the family, they will love these two books! Great stocking fillers!
Purchase from Amazon here
Purchase from The Book Depository here
Purchase from
by Julie McGowan

A gripping saga set in Wales at the beginning of the 20th Century. Jennie lives on one side of the mountain, her life overshadowed by her tyrannical mother. Harry lives on the other side of the mountain in a tight-knit mining community. The onset of World War II thrusts changes upon them
that neither could imagine.
Purchase from Amazon here
Purchase from The Book Depository here
Purchase from
by Rowland Evans

Rowland’s beautifully written book challenges, enthrals, entertains, teaches, enlightens and opens new worlds and possibilities to the reader. Part travel book, part spiritual guide, part auto-biography – this truly is an inspiring read.
Purchase from Amazon here
Purchase from The Book Depository here
Purchase from 

We hope we have managed to give you some ideas for Christmas presents – happy reading!

Friday, 23 November 2012

NaBloPoMo #7 : Special Black Friday E-Book Deals

This week it’s “Black Friday”. 

What does that mean? Well, for our non-American fans, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, so it is like Boxing Day – which is when our Christmas Sales traditionally start in the UK.  It is THE busiest shopping day of the year! It’s known as Black Friday because it’s the day many of the smaller stores hope to move their accounts from the Red to the Black – and turn a profit.

Everyone loves Christmas so to get you in the mood to start your Christmas shopping, we are pleased to be offering all our Amazon Kindle e-books at a special discounted price for a limited period of time. On Black Friday, ALL our e-books including the recently released  'Breaking the Circle' by Althea Barr and 'Trouble Rides A Fast Horse' by Elizabeth Sellers be available at the bargain price of:

$2.99/ £1.94/E2.60

How can I buy the e-books?

Firstly, click on the links provided for the small selection of our e-books provided below which will take you to the Amazon product page where they can be bought and downloaded to your Amazon Kindle or any other device that supports the Kindle app such as Smart Phones and PCs. To find out more about our other e-books, please visit the main Sunpenny website here.


'Breaking the Circle' by Althea Barr

NEW- released on 2nd November!

'Trouble Rides A Fast Horse' by Elizabeth Sellers

NEW- released on 1st November!

'Bridge to Nowhere' by Stephanie Parker McKean

'Far Out' by Corinna Weyreter

'Uncharted Waters' by Sara DuBose

'The Skipper's Child by Valerie Poore

Make sure you don't miss out on these fabulous deals and please let us know what you think of the books!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

NaBloPoMo #6 : Sunpenny at the Bedford Festival of Romance!

Festival of Romance

This weekend (Friday 16th – Sunday 18th of November), we were at the Bedford Festival of Romance! As you may have heard, if you are one of our Twitter followers or Facebook fans, the Festival of Romance was a weekend designed to celebrate romantic fiction in all its forms with over 40 romantic fiction authors taking part over the weekend.

It was a wonderful weekend and we really enjoyed everything – attending the award's ceremony, meeting loads of romance authors, sharing cupcakes with visitors at our book stand, and watching romantic Regency dramas! 

Read on to find out more about our experience…


After driving up from Sunpenny HQ in Stoke, our MD Jo and Marketing Co-Ordinator Louise, attended the Festival of Romance Award Ceremony in the gorgeous Harper Suite. The awards ranged from Reader Award for Best Romantic Read to Literary Agent of the Year and it was lovely to see the mixture of shock and joy on the winners' faces. Congratulations to them! However, the highlight for us was presenting the awards for Best Romantic Film and Best Romantic TV Drama and we are pleased to say that the winners for these categories were Jane Eyre and Downton Abbey.


The day was spent at the Rose & Crown/Sunpenny stall at the Romance Fair held in the Howard Room after I (Steph) joined Jo and Louise in Bedford. This was one of our favourite parts of the weekend because it gave us the chance to get to know and chat to romance readers, authors and publishers alike! Thank you to everyone who stopped by to chat, nibble on one of our romance themed cupcakes or bought one of our books. 

It was great to be joined by Althea Barr, the author of the newly released Breaking the Circle and Beverly Lemmer, author of A Flight Delayed, too. In the afternoon, Althea also took part in the Romance Readathon in the nearby Harper Shopping Centre where she read an extract from Breaking the Circle to shoppers.
Photos from the Romance Fair

The scrumptious cupcakes on their stand and the banner for our Rose & Crown and Blue Jeans imprints.

Louise ready for the opening of the Romance Fair after setting up our books.

The pretty red table cloth and our books for sale.

Regency gentlemen visiting our stand.

Watching the romantic Regency drama performance.


The first event on Sunday that we attended was 'Pitch Your Novel', where authors pitched their unpublished novels for live feedback from a panel of publishers which included our MD, Jo. It was particularly interesting to note the variety between the pitches and the creativity of the plots as read out from the authors' synopses. 

In the afternoon, we were at the Romantic Fiction Conference and were treated to a fascinating array of speakers and panellists talking on topics such as, 'E-citing Times for Romantic Fiction' and 'After Fifty Shades: Where next for Romantic Fiction?' 

Jo was invited to be one of the speakers and spoke about our Rose & Crown imprint on the topic of 'Inspirational Romance in the UK'. We were surprised to find out how many romance readers and industry professionals were unaware that inspirational Christian romance isn't just a US phenomenon and hope that we helped people to understand more about the genre.

Thank you

The Festival was great fun and we all loved getting to meet lots of new people to do what we do best: chat about books, of course! Thank you very much to the main organiser, Kate Allan, and the rest of the team  for all their hard work in organising the weekend. We hope to be there again next year. =)

You can find the official photos for the Festival of Romance here. They give a great flavour of the weekend.