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Sign up for the Blue Freedom by Sandra Peut read-along!


As we have not had enough interest for the read-along to go ahead yet, the dates above have been cancelled until we have enough participants to make it as enjoyable as possible. Please fill in the form if you would like to take part and we will use your email address to let you know when the event will run. Thank you!

Today I am excited to announce a Sunpenny group read-along of our Rose and Crown inspirational romance Blue Freedom by Sandra Peut for Mother's Day!

From the 18th March-15th April, we will be breaking down each of the chapters in this exciting and uplifting romance and discussing some questions each week about what we have read. This coincides with the limited time promotion on Blue Freedom where it will be available for download on Amazon Kindle for 99p until the end of March (find out more information in this previous post.)

Links for download: and

About Blue Freedom:

BLUE FREEDOM, by Sandra Peut

Bella Whitman is a freelance health and fitness writer with a tragic history. When she is offered a dream opportunity to undertake a writing assignment which will take her on a journey across the South Pacific islands, she grabs it, despite her misgivings about the arrogant but handsome editor in charge of the magazine, Ethan Gray - and Jay Hinkley, the contract photographer Ethan has hired to travel with her. Despite a rocky start, Bella finds herself being drawn to Jay as they work and travel through the islands. But can this relationship develop into more than a friendship, when he already has a woman in his life? And with a dangerous hitman trailing their every move, can Bella and Jay finish their assignment - despite the shadowy motives of their employer Ethan - and survive a deadly rendezvous with a Thai drug consortium in a nail-biting climax?

Through this fast-paced adventure, Bella is able to find healing from past pain and discover emotional and spiritual freedom.

Praise for Blue Freedom:

Sandra Peut
A thrilling mystery of exciting anticipation, witty antics and laughs, with heart-felt truths all in a 'what happens next' plot. Simply and elegantly written - your imagination is caught in the perfect 'Pacific' drama that just keeps getting better to the very end.
--Elizabeth Findlay, Scriptwriter/Magazine Producer.

Sandra Peut’s Blue Freedom is a riveting, fast-paced novel that you will not want to put down. The story chronicles free-lance writer, Bella Whitman’s unwitting entanglement with an international drug deal, and her colleague, Jay Hinkley’s sudden need to be more than a photographer, when Bella’s life is in danger. Action, intrigue and romance, Blue Freedom is a novel that has it all.
-- Meredith Resce, author of ‘The Heart of Green Valley’ series, and ‘For All Time’.

If you're looking for an adventurous and romantic novel and love sharing your thoughts with others, why not join us? All you have to do is fill in the sign up sheet below, start reading chapters 1-8 and join in with the weekly discussion questions that will be posted here on the blog either in the comment section of the post or in your own blog post....

Schedule for discussion during read-along:

Week 4 8th April: Chapters 18-26

Week 4 15th April: Chapters 27-34

Thank you to everyone who signs up for the read-along- we hope you will have lots of fun discussing Blue Freedom with us!

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