Monday, 30 April 2012

Beautiful Bookshelves #1: Amazing shelves to feast your eyes on!

 Many book fans love browsing book shelves almost as much as reading itself and bookshelves are an integral part of their homes! Here at Sunpenny, we love pretty bookshelves that display our book collections in creative ways so to celebrate uniquely designed bookcases and huge collections, we have created a new blog feature called Beautiful Bookshelves. 

Below is a list of interesting shelves for you to feast your eyes upon. Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section...

This has to be the perfect reading nook- it would be so cosy curled up with blankets!
This is a wonderful design but doesn't look very comfortable.


National Geographic Society’s Explorer-in-Residence Wade Davis called on architect and designer Travis Price to construct his very own personal at-home workspace in Washington, DC.
We wish this was out office! Although I'm not sure how
the books would be accessed ;) .
Fantastic- you could sit there all day and not have to get up!
This swirly design is very arty but the drawback is that you
can't fit as many books on there.

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