Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Summer Reading Places!

How has your summer reading been so far? We all look forward to the long sunny days of summer (whether or not they materialise!) and finally having time to read those books we've been wanting to read all year. To get you in the mood to make the most of summer reading, we've put together some photos of perfect summer reading places to inspire you. Enjoy:

In the fields surrounded by nature

Lizzie Bennet from Pride and Prejudice reading outside.

In a hammock

That hammock seats looks a bit warm for summer but oh well....

On the beach or by the pool

"It's cool, as long as I've got a good book I don't
mind being buried in sand!"

This looks like fun but it would probably result in the ruin of the book if I tried it....

In a tree/tree house

What I would do to have a tree house to read
in like this one!

Clear blue skies and white sand at my feet... yes please :)

A great suitcase for a desert island...

Reading in the park

These three photos are of me reading in one my local parks last summer to be used in the blog header of my personal book review blog.

Where are your dream summer reading places?

Friday, 27 July 2012

Celebrate the Olympics: The Mountains Between and Far Out E-book Offer

Today is the 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony! That's right- this exciting moment is finally here after months of anticipation. From 21:00-24:00 in UK time, the world's eyes will be upon London as the spectacular show which has been kept secret as much as possible will commence.

To celebrate, we are offering two fantastic books from out imprints for free in Amazon Kindle e-book form from Friday 27th July AM to Saturday 28th July PM. Click on the links to download your copies:

~Price rises to £2.17 after Saturday PM~

"The Mountains Between"
 tells the story of a small girl fighting to keep her balance in the face of an unbalanced mother and the deepest heart-blows a child can bear. It's a story of strength and courage; of a girl-woman with a huge heart who took what life threw at her and kept on loving - the story of a survivor.

It's the story of a Big Pit mining family who suffered an unspeakable horror that nearly killed them, but they got up and got on because that's what those amazing people did. And it's a story about two young people who could have and should have found each other much sooner, but their valleys were separated by the mountains and never the twain, in those days, would meet.

It's a war story; a love story; a hate story. But more than all this, it's the story of a chunk of Wales's lifetime slashed like a scar on a mountainside - about the people of Wales, the people of the mountains and the valleys who formed the beating heart of that country; the people who enable the current Welsh to stand proud and hold the Red Dragon high, because of what their forefathers did.

This book is the story of their essence.

~Price rises to £1.97 after Saturday PM~

Tired of their careers in the oil industry, Corinna Weyreter and Gjalt van der Zee sailed away from the rat race in search of freedom and adventure in the fabled South Pacific. Taking only what could justify its space on their 41-foot yacht, they abandoned materialism to discover how little a person really needs in order to be content. Trading with fishermen in Belize, learning desert island survival from the lone inhabitant of a Polynesian atoll, swimming with humpback whales beside the coral island of Niue, attending the wedding of a Chief’s son in Vanuatu ... they entered an enchanting new world. But Earth is under threat from humanity. During a period when the human population doubled, animal species plummeted by more than a quarter. 41% of all oceans have been strongly affected by Man’s activities, 19% of our coral reefs have died, and 29% of fisheries have collapsed. The young couple found a beautiful world beyond the urban sprawl and rampant consumerism of mankind, but its future is fragile. In Far Out, Corinna takes us into that disappearing world and shows us its fragility with sensitive first-hand knowledge.

Remember to spread the word about this limited offer and let us know what you think about the books.  Finally, from all of us at Sunpenny: enjoy watching the Olympics over the next few weeks!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Celebrate St. Swithun's Day: Download your FREE e-book copy of Just One More Summer!

Are you looking for a new summer read? As we're based in the the UK, where we've so far had an exceptionally wet start to summer, we certainly know that we need a summery 'beach-read' book to cheer us up.

 St. Swithun's Day is on this Sunday 15th July and according to tradition, the weather conditions on that day will continue for the next 40 days. So to celebrate and in hope of influencing the weather , we are offering the chance to download Just One More Summer by Julie McGowan today and Saturday!

St. Switun

About Just One More Summer

Devastated by the breakdown of her marriage, Allie flees to the one place her heart can seek comfort: Cornwall, where she hopes childhood memories of a holiday with her father will sustain her while she sorts out her plans for the future. But fate has other ideas, and she finds herself drawn into an almost obsessive friendship with a band of strange bedfellows led by Marsha, an intense, ageing hippy with a life force that at once comforts, stimulates and infuriates Allie. Her growing attraction to one of the men in the group, Adam, bewilders her as she discovers that nothing in life is what it seems, and the only constant is change. Little by little the layers of her past are painfully peeled away. Initially ruffled and confused, and later deeply hurt by what she considers multiple levels of betrayal, Allie once again chooses flight. She heads back to London, but finds that her life-complications only deepen - her husband begs her to come back to him, her estranged father arrives unannounced from France, her loopy mother proclaims yet another marriage, Adam turns up to take her back to Cornwall - and the hardest part is yet to come for them all. Finally, Allie realises that she must confront the secrets and lies of her past - and Marsha's - before she can face her own future.

Just One More Summer

KATIE FFORDE: "A lovely book, full of warmth and wisdom. I loved the dry wit and writing style. You should be very proud of yourself. Poignant, funny and realistic. A book for today's women, easy to relate to and meaningful. I really was impressed!"

Click here to download your free Kindle copy of Just One More Summer today or tomorrow: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Just-One-More-Summer-ebook/dp/B006XJW81G/ref=tmm_kin_title_0?ie=UTF8&m=A3TVV12T0I6NSM

We hope that you will let us know what you think of it via our Facebook and Twitter pages- we're always ready for a bookish chat! We would also like to encourage you to write a review for Amazon or a similar website if you enjoy them to spread the word to other readers and have a look at the rest of our books available on Kindle.