Friday, 13 July 2012

Celebrate St. Swithun's Day: Download your FREE e-book copy of Just One More Summer!

Are you looking for a new summer read? As we're based in the the UK, where we've so far had an exceptionally wet start to summer, we certainly know that we need a summery 'beach-read' book to cheer us up.

 St. Swithun's Day is on this Sunday 15th July and according to tradition, the weather conditions on that day will continue for the next 40 days. So to celebrate and in hope of influencing the weather , we are offering the chance to download Just One More Summer by Julie McGowan today and Saturday!

St. Switun

About Just One More Summer

Devastated by the breakdown of her marriage, Allie flees to the one place her heart can seek comfort: Cornwall, where she hopes childhood memories of a holiday with her father will sustain her while she sorts out her plans for the future. But fate has other ideas, and she finds herself drawn into an almost obsessive friendship with a band of strange bedfellows led by Marsha, an intense, ageing hippy with a life force that at once comforts, stimulates and infuriates Allie. Her growing attraction to one of the men in the group, Adam, bewilders her as she discovers that nothing in life is what it seems, and the only constant is change. Little by little the layers of her past are painfully peeled away. Initially ruffled and confused, and later deeply hurt by what she considers multiple levels of betrayal, Allie once again chooses flight. She heads back to London, but finds that her life-complications only deepen - her husband begs her to come back to him, her estranged father arrives unannounced from France, her loopy mother proclaims yet another marriage, Adam turns up to take her back to Cornwall - and the hardest part is yet to come for them all. Finally, Allie realises that she must confront the secrets and lies of her past - and Marsha's - before she can face her own future.

Just One More Summer

KATIE FFORDE: "A lovely book, full of warmth and wisdom. I loved the dry wit and writing style. You should be very proud of yourself. Poignant, funny and realistic. A book for today's women, easy to relate to and meaningful. I really was impressed!"

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