Sunday, 30 September 2012

Beautiful BookShelves #2

 Many book fans love browsing bookshelves almost as much as reading itself, and bookshelves are an integral part of their homes! Here at Sunpenny, we love pretty bookshelves that display our book collections in creative ways, so to celebrate uniquely designed bookcases and huge collections, we have created a new blog feature called Beautiful Bookshelves. This is the second post of the series.

Feast your eyes on this creative collection of shelves:

Bookshelf: Sliding bookshelf
Aahhh - falling books!

Storing books in a 'fridge!'
Storing books in the fridge is one way to find more space to store them!

USA shelf!
USA Bookshelf. We think it would be great in libraries there - if it was real.

Great decor!


Wow- a tardis bookshelf! Perfect for bookish Doctor Who fans. What did you think of last night's episode?
Perfect for bookish Dr Who fans!

Have a whale of time reading!
Have a whale of a time reading...

Which is your favourite? You can find more beautiful bookshelves on our Pinterest board here. Look out for the next 'Beautiful Bookshelves' post soon!

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Unknown said...

I love the tree but it has to be the fridge. Where else could you find your favourite book, cool the wine and keep an endless supply of chocolate?