Saturday, 9 February 2013

Happy National Libraries Day!

Today is National Libraries Day and as book lovers, we thought we'd thought we'd create a post to show our appreciation for our local libraries along with school, university and public libraries who have been celebrating all week. 

At a time when many public libraries are under threat in UK from cuts or closure, it is becoming more important to visit them as much as possible and show councils how much we love and need them! The idea of National Libraries day, which is set up the Reading Agency is to demonstrate how important libraries are to local communities to encourage people to get down to their nearest library and take out a new book. There is also a Twitter campaign using the hashtag #LoveLibraries  so you can join in the discussion on libraries there.

Stephanie Parker McKean, author of 'Bridge to Nowhere' is a one such library lover who has shared with us what libraries mean to her.

 Stephanie's thoughts on how libraries have made a difference in her life:

'Even as an adult, when I step into a library, I step lightly as if in a dream. I never walk straight in - I pause to let my senses savour the wonder and joy. Old friends live here, friends that deserve reverence and to be gently informed that I have returned for a visit. New friends are waiting for an introduction. My heart races with quickened pulse and excitement pushes my feet forward across the room to the shelves peopled by books. Each book represents the heart and soul of its author-creator. When I was a child, we were poor. Money went to purchase food and clothing, not books. The highlight of our week was a trip to the county library where we could check out an armload of books. We went home to an old house with a torn, leaking roof, peeling paint and bees living in hollow walls. But we didn't live there. We had an entire week's vacation cosseted with our precious books, visiting places we might never see outside those pages and meeting characters that still enrich our lives and encourage us to believe the impossible dream. Thanks to Sunpenny Publishing, my dream has come true. But without The Library, I would never have realised what my dream was.'

Here are some library photos and quotes for you to enjoy:

library quote

Here at Sunpenny, we believe that books should continue to be available to everyone through libraries so make a point of borrowing a book (or several!') from your library this week and show how much you love them with your support.

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