Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Sonja Anderson's book signing events

Continuing our book event themes this weekend, our Seattle-based author, Sonja Anderson tells us of a very special opportunity she has recently had as well as her plans for more book-signings in the coming weeks. 

"Do you ever feel like giving up on a dream? This spring, I’m participating in a number of book-signing events that feel like celebrations to the notion of NOT GIVING UP.
If you’ve been following these blog posts about signing events, you probably get the idea that they’re a pretty big deal for the authors involved—especially if the book-signing is a launch party and is the first time the author is showing her book off to the world.
Our reading public probably has little idea of the hours, months, years, sweat, tears, and fears that bring us to that book-signing table in a corner of their local bookstore. Sophie’s Quest, so beautifully published by Sunpenny, was the culmination of a fourteen-year quest itself!
But a funny thing has happened along this difficult journey—I learned a few things! Now I have something to share about the process of following a dream, of writing and submitting to publishers, and the rewards of not giving up, and that’s what I’m being asked to do.
Earlier this spring, I shared Sophie’s journey with a group of 40 “MOPS” moms who are trying to pursue their own dreams while chasing their preschoolers, and I was invited to be on a “Local Success Panel” where I got to share a glimpse of my journey to a crowd of 400 writers, editors, and agents at the regional Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Conference. This weekend I’ll be presenting two writing workshops and participating in a book-signing event for both Sophie Topfeather books at the Northwest Christian Writers Association Renewal Conference.
To top it all off, my husband and I are launching a new “baby” into the world at a joint book-signing event in June! We turned an interest in history and our favorite day-trip spot, Mount Rainier National Park, into the book Mount Rainier’s Historic Inns and Lodges, published later in May by Arcadia Publishing.
While I never wished for such a long, arduous journey filled with moments of hopelessness, I am so very blessed that God is turning that journey into a time of learning and hope for others."

Thank you so much for sharing this exciting news with us all, Sonja. You are a testament to the reason we should keep striving for our dreams!
Anyone interested in reading samples of Sonja's delightful children's books can find them here:


Vallypee said...

The speaking event must have been awesome, Sonja! Good luck with the workshops and book signings

Sonja Anderson said...

Thanks, Val! I just got home from the writing conference. The workshops went well, and I sold a bunch of books!

Vallypee said...

That's excellent news, Sonja! Congratulations!