Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Summer Reading time

The weather is warming up, or should we say the rain is not so cold! In any event, summer is drawing nearer and to help readers get into the spirit of those long balmy evenings when we can sit on balconies, deck chairs or garden loungers, here is a list of recommended summer reads.

Our fiction titles for that lovely summery feeling:

Blue Freedom by Sandra Peut: This book is "funny, wild, and sometimes woolly, but always entertaining! Bella Whitman is a freelance health and fitness writer with a tragic history. When she is offered a dream opportunity to undertake a writing assignment which will take her on a journey across the South Pacific islands. " Blue Freedom has both excitement, mystery and romance and will be a light and lovely read for the beach.

 Just one More Summer by Julie McGowan is an evocative and poignant book set in Cornwall with all the atmosphere of that beautiful coastline. "Devastated by the breakdown of her marriage, Allie flees to the one place her heart can seek comfort: Cornwall, where she hopes childhood memories of a holiday with her father will sustain her while she sorts out her plans for the future. But fate has other ideas, and she finds herself drawn into an almost obsessive friendship with a band of strange bedfellows led by Marsha, an intense, ageing hippy with a life force that at once comforts, stimulates and infuriates Allie." This is a fascinating and compelling book in which you can almost smell and taste the Cornish air.

 Fish Soup by Michelle Heatly is a lyrical and luscious novel: "In the magical and esoteric atmosphere of the Greek Islands, sisters Isa and Chloe fetch up on the shores of a very special haven, each searching for more than just the pungently fragrant recipe of a heady Mediterranean fish soup. They come for the weekend, bringing their baggage with them: both kinds.  Cecelia, their mentor, helps the girls wend their way through not only learning to make the soup, but also through a cobweb of emotional healing. Unexpectedly she discovers that the compliment is returned." With an almost poetic style of writing, Fish Soup is a perfect sunshine novel for the summer.

Bridge to Nowhere by Stephanie Parker McKean is a murder mystery set in Texas, so sun, heat and summer are the order of the day: "Bestselling author Mike spends her days shut up in her office, churning out detective stories for her publisher. When a beautiful stranger appears, masquerading as Lynette Clarissa Greene, begging her to help investigate the murder of her sister, Mike is soon embroiled in a mystery which includes the entire town. From the simple-minded Clint, who sheds light on Lynette’s true identity, to the talented Nat, and the orphaned Jared, Mike soon finds herself immersed in the illicit subculture of Texas Hill. From dog fights to kidnappings, her life is thrown into chaos by her incessant need to track down culprits and bring them to justice." A terrific romp of a book with a second helping in the sequel, Bridge Beyond Betrayal.

As special summer memoirs, we have two for sailing lovers

Far out, Sailing into a Disappearing World by Corinna Weyreter tells of an epic sailing adventure across the Pacific: "Tired of their careers in the oil industry, Corinna Weyreter and Gjalt van der Zee sailed away from the rat race in search of freedom and adventure in the fabled South Pacific. Taking only what could justify its space on their 41-foot yacht, they abandoned materialism to discover how little a person really needs in order to be content. Trading with fishermen in Belize, learning desert island survival from the lone inhabitant of a Polynesian atoll, swimming with humpback whales beside the coral island of Niue, attending the wedding of a Chief’s son in Vanuatu ... they entered an enchanting new world." At times frightening and at others magical, this is a must for those who love adventure on the seas.

 A Whisper on the Mediterranean by Tonia Parronchi. This memoir is wonderful and vivid with all the scents, sounds and sights of the Mediterranean, not to mention a few hair-raising storms: "Travel with Tonia, her husband Guido, and baby James through weather conditions that destroyed the myth of a gentle and forgiving Mediterranean, and such varied experiences as high seas, violent storms, stuck anchors, marauding mosquitoes, and severe sunburn. Visit idyllic, secluded bays and places of sublime beauty, unreachable unless by boat and completely untarnished by tourism. This book is filled with humour and reality, and a scattering of delicious recipes too. A feast for your senses – and perhaps it will inspire you to step on deck, too, for your own watery adventures!"

We hope you will also get a taste for some of these wonderful books and come back for more! Next week, we'll have some other summer suggestions, but for the children this time!

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