Monday, 23 October 2017

Autumn delights

After enjoying some wonderful warm weather here in the northern hemisphere this autumn, we are now finally having proper seasonal weather, complete with gales, rain and leaves heaping up everywhere. The great outdoors starts to look less attractive, so what better time than to choose some good books to read?

As we've mentioned before, we are rather proud of the fact that Sunpenny's authors stem from far and wide over the world, so whatever your tastes, we have books that will appeal to a range of readers. If you're fed up with the rain, Stephanie Parker McKean, Sandra Peut and KC Lemmer will transport you to the sun. If the heat is getting to you, Valerie Poore and Julie McGowan will embrace you in the beauty of winter scenery. What about romance? Then Debbie Roome and Janet Purcell will bring you charming stories set in New Zealand and New England.

We have sailing adventures from Tonia Parronchi and Corinna Weyreter, and historical dramas by JS Holloway and Cheryl Cain. And for children who love reading and adventure, we have a whole series of delightful books by Sonja Anderson, Suzanne Cordatos and Elizabeth Sellers.

The best news of all is that all the e-versions of our books are set at the exceptionally reasonable price of $2.99 on Kindle until the end of the year, so take advantage of these high quality books at this very affordable price!

Click on the authors' names to view their books and reviews, and enjoy some richly rewarding autumn reads! 

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Great ideas. Thanks for this nice blog! (Steph)