Monday, 16 October 2017

Book Blogs reviews? What use are they to readers and authors

In this series of blog posts about reviews, we've seen how our authors learn from reviews on sites like Amazon and Goodreads, from personal emails and from feedback at real time book talks, not to mention internet Q&A sessions. This week, though, as the last of these posts, we are going to look at book blogs and what they do for both the reader and the author.

Many book blogs are set up by enthusiastic readers who simply enjoy reviewing the books they have read. There are a few more professional blogs, but it is probably true that most book blogs are written by book lovers who may, or may not, have a preference for a particular type of book.

One of our author's books reviewed on the popular
Terry Tyler Book Reviews Blog

So how do book blogs help readers?

If you find a particular blogger who leans towards the type of books you like, it's very useful to follow their blog, knowing they will write regular reviews on the genres of books you as a reader enjoy. Our author, Val Poore, claims to be a voracious reader and she likes to follow certain bloggers whose book tastes match her own.

"As a reader, I love crime fiction and murder mysteries," Val says. "It's not always easy to decide which new authors to try and if you don't know a name, you might not risk it. For this reason, I follow about four different book bloggers to see what they are reviewing and I quite often base my choices on the reviews they post. The great thing about blog posts is that the reviews tend to be longer than the average review on Amazon or Goodreads, so you get more of an in-depth account. I like that very much and it really helps me to decide who to take a chance on."

For writers, book blogs are a great way to promote their books for exactly the same reasons Val has mentioned above. She says:

"As an author too, I am thrilled when a book blogger reviews one of my books. I know for sure that it helps spread the word and the advantage of a blog post is that I can share it on many different platforms. I have also noticed sales spike when a popular book blogger has reviewed my books, which is always great news, but the most important aspect of a book blog review is that it garners interest and  - if the review is good - respect. There is something about recognition from a book blogger that makes readers sit up and take notice."

From Books With Wine and Chocolate, a review of
Val Poore's Watery Ways

Most of the time, book bloggers also post their reviews on the major online bookstore sites, but the blog post itself is a more personal platform, so readers and writers alike, take note: follow a good book blog and find some great reads! And writers? Submit your books to book bloggers for a review. If they accept them, it can only do you good!


Anonymous said...

I was thrilled with this blog review because Terry is such a good author. I really appreciate this kind of reader/blogger. I had some great feedback and learnt a few things from other blogs too.
Tonia Parronchi

Vallypee said...

Book blogs really are great. It's always a lovely surprise to find a blogger has reviewed one of my books. I love reading book blogs too!