Thursday, 21 December 2017

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018

It's been quite a year on this blog and at Sunpenny, we are happy we've been able to get it up and going again. We've enjoyed posting our author interviews, book signing tips and back stories to our books. It's been a fascinating and interesting series of posts.

However, with Christmas coming, we're going to be taking a break, so this last post for 2017 is just to wish you all a wonderful festive season and a marvellous start to the new year.

From our MD, Jo Holloway and all our authors, so many of whom have made a great contribution to this blog, all the very best until we see you again! Enjoy the break and don't forget – reading is the best form of relaxation you can indulge in over the holiday season!

Jo Holloway

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Reading to relax at the end of the year

Before we reach Christmas, there are usually many things to clear up and finalise. It's the end of the year in more ways than calendar months, which means that administration, bookkeeping, projects and all sorts of other things have to be finished before we can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the holidays.

By the time we have all struggled through to the Christmas break, most of us are exhausted. In the northern hemisphere, we have winter to add to our fun and this year it has come early; there has already been snow in many places. In the southern hemisphere, it is full summer and quite a number of businesses shut down for most of the month. All in all, the prospect of the Christmas holidays is a daunting one for a large number of people involved in the rush to close businesses and the year end accounts.

So what is our suggestion then? Well, as a publisher, we naturally suggest reading to relax. For instance, those dreaming of summer sun and hot weather, read a book that takes you there and for those in the sun who would love to experience a northern winter, read a novel with a winter setting.

So putting our money where our mouth is, what can we offer Sunpenny's readers?

For all you northerners, relax this Christmas with these lovely books, all of which are set in the southern hemisphere. You can soak up the sun in Australia with Sandra Peut and Blue Freedom, in Zimbabwe with JS Holloway's Dance of Eagles and KC Lemmer's A Flight Delayed, and in New Zealand and South Africa with Debbie Roome's Embracing Change. Just click on the authors' names for the links to their books!

And for those of you sweltering in the south? Well, we have a few special books for you too! How about experiencing a barge in Belgium in the winter of '62 with The Skipper's Child by Valerie Poore  or winter in an English country cottage with Someday Maybe by Jenny Piper. Then there's Julie McGowan's two novels set in Wales during WWII and before. Each of these provides special winter scenes to cool you down in your hot weather.

So from all of us at Sunpenny, we hope you like our suggestions and have some happy relaxing and reading between now and our last post before Christmas. Enjoy the run up to the festive season and don't work too hard! Reading is one of the best ways of resting, so we hope you enjoy what we have to offer!