Friday, 16 February 2018

Master of the Anecdote

William Wood has been one of the Sunpenny authors for many years. His delightful book 'A Little Book of Pleasures' has been a favourite on our list, and demonstrates what a master William is of the anecdotal memoir.

As one reviewer put it:

"William Wood's unusual book is a real gem. Others have already said that it is written in an unusual style, using the "you" instead of I as if the author is talking to himself throughout, and about how one can dip in at any point of the book instead of reading from cover to cover. What I found is that this is a beautifully written book, at times poetic, at times wryly humorous. The author's pleasures are as diverse as a child's smile, silence, a log fire or remembered fragments from his many journeys to far-away lands.

I found it thought-provoking and it made me contemplate the simple things in my own life that give me pleasure. Some passages were so poignant or evocative that I think they will stay with me long after I've finished reading it and this book is destined to become one of my own small pleasures or treasures."

A Little Book of Pleasures did well in the Wishing Shelf Awards in 2014, gaining a Bronze award. It was widely appreciated for its style and the memories it evoked. As the feedback said:

"This book was very much enjoyed by our older readers (aged 45 – 65). They loved the gentle prose and the wide range of ‘feel-good’ yarns the author entertained the reader with. They felt it would make a perfect travel companion, brightening up any lonely moment in a hotel room. One reader put in her feedback, ‘I loved The Morning Post story. It cheered me up as I happened to read it on the day my internet packed up and was driving me crazy. That’s the best bit about this book. You don’t have to read all of it in one sitting; you don’t even have to read it in the order it is written, but, trust me, there’s a story for everybody in here.’

A Little Book of Pleasures can tap into many people's memories of life as it was once lived, a simpler existence where value was placed in the small rituals of the day. Now, however, there is a new edition of William's anecdotes although so far, it is only available in paperback. 100 Little Pleasures can be found here:

William Wood also writes a blog and his most recent post is worth reading as a mini memoir in itself. It is titled 'In Memory of Typists' and is a poignant tribute to the secretaries he has known throughout his varied international career. Grab a cup of tea, sit down and read it here.

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