Monday, 18 June 2018

Where we used to read

It's been two months since we posted on the blog, so many apologies to readers who've enjoyed our tips, ideas and author profiles in the past. Unfortunately, blogs take maintenance and when life in both the book world (and outside) gets in the way, the fun stuff sometimes falls by the wayside. And blogging is fun, there's no doubt about it. It's such a great way of connecting with readers all over the world and bringing them together.

Now the summer season is upon us, though, we can't help noticing many other bloggers are slowing down as well. The lure of the sun, the country and seaside walks and just the joy of being out and about can distract us considerably, but then, that's a very healthy distraction isn't it? It's also probably much healthier to be focused on the here and now of the world around us than on social media (and let's face it, blogging is still social media of one sort).

On that note, if we cast our minds back to the days before the Internet, we at Sunpenny know that we did much more reading then than we do now. Granted there was still television, but if you think about where we used to enjoy reading, then you'll probably agree it's largely been supplanted by Internet based activities and interactions. Here are a few examples:

1. On the train, bus or tram going to school, college or work: these used to be ideal times for reading a book, or if not, a newspaper. These days if you jump on any public transport, you're more likely to see people glued to their phones. Admittedly some of them may be reading e-books, but more often than not, travellers will be chatting on Whatsapp, Facebook, or Facetime, or they'll be watching films.

2. At a café table on a terrace or in a lunch bar: It used to be quite common to see workers taking their lunch breaks with a sandwich and a book in front of them; alternatively, they might have been sitting out in the sunshine with a drink, their book perched against the glass. A more common sight nowadays would be a tablet or a laptop in place of the book, and of course the ubiquitous phone.

4. Lying in the bath, coffee on the side and a book in the hand: Again, this is probably much less common now than it used to be. We at Sunpenny can well remember taking long luxurious baths and reading till the water made our skin wrinkle up. There are of course e-readers, but think of the risks in taking one of these with you into the bath! If you drop your Kindle in the water, there's a chance you might lose your whole library, so maybe people just don't do that anymore unless, like us, they still buy real books.

However, one place where books are still often seen is on aircraft. Perhaps because many airlines require people to turn off electronic equipment, it's still quite common to see passengers with books on a flight, especially the shorter journeys where in-flight films aren't shown. E-readers are equally popular, but at least there's a prevalence of people reading rather than watching film clips, listening to chat shows or chatting to their friends.

Is there anywhere you can remember seeing people reading that you don't see anymore? If so, we'd love to hear from you. Tell us about it in a comment below; reminiscences like this can be lovely, so we'll look forward to seeing them!

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Vallypee said...

I still read everywhere, but admit that much of the time it’s from my e-reader. I still love real books, though, and as long as they aren’t too big and heavy, I prefer reading them to e-readers.