About Sunpenny

Welcome to Sunpenny Publishing's blog! 

We are an independent publishing house focusing particularly on encouraging and developing new talent in writing - in fiction and non-fiction, romance, and also in Christian works.  Our imprints include Sunpenny (general), Rose and Crown (inspirational romance), Boathook Books (boating fiction and non-fiction) and Sunberry Books (for children and young adults.)

Sunpenny Publishing was instigated by Jo Holloway, a professional writer and author for over 25 years. Jo thinks like the writer-turned-publisher she is: she wants a fair deal for authors and sees things from their perspective. This is reflected in Sunpenny's contracts. But we have all been involved in the writing business one way or another for a good many years, typesetting, proofreading, editing, developing new writers and putting together books and magazines, as well as writing for both print and the media (television, film, radio, multimedia, the web). It seemed a natural step to move into publishing, and continue to help aspiring authors, poets, illustrators and script writers to hone their talents and pursue their dreams.

Our vision: We believe in new authors! We believe there are talented individuals out there who not only can write, but understand the concept of at least reasonable grammar, spelling and presentation, and who want our help to get published. We believe in upliftment and beauty for the eye, soul and spirit, and we believe in books.